Strathcona Elementary School the oldest school building in Vancouver. It was rated #1 at risk by the BC Government in 2005, a year after the province began working with Strathcona to plan seismic upgrades. The inner city school is made up of 5 buildings, 4 of which require upgrades but only 3 are part of the renovation proposal. These 3 buildings are designated heritage buildings, which practically eliminates the opportunity to demolish the school and rebuild - the cheapest option we'd have. Although we are in conversation with Heritage Vancouver neither the school board nor the province is willing to broach the idea of demolishing these buildings. The reality is that renovating heritage buildings is a costly affair - especially as our school is filled with asbestos, lead paint and aging mechanical systems.

Although designated early on as one of three schools to be prioritized, Strathcona has been passed over year after year, as schools in other areas of Vancouver receive signed project agreements. Although we've submitted a Project Definition Report, modified the budget for that report (cutting over $6 million), submitted to a value analysis request and more, this October the Treasury Board has requested yet another cost analysis.

It is difficult to believe that these requests are not stalling tactics given how many months Strathcona has to wait to even receive them. It is difficult to be asked to perform another cost analysis when the last one reported that no further savings could be found. It is difficult to see other schools quickly moved along towards completion as our proposal stagnates.

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